The Nutrient Path aims to encourage natural routes to “mental” health with a tri-fold focus: mind plus body and spirit. We are multi-layered beings and our wellness has many roots to nourish. Who can set in stone the divisions between thought, emotions, the body’s felt sense, and the urge to merge with the something deeper, higher? I’m interested in how we blend them all, and what works for you. I’m excited to share what I’ve found over the years, to learn from others, and to advance this people’s movement away from Pharma’s scary potions and their profit-motivated theories about why we need drugs and more drugs.

But why the nutrient “path?” Because body, mind and spirit all need nourishment to find the harmony some call “sanity.” I want equally to understand how to access nutrients for the soul—love, friendship, safety, spiritual practice—as well as what foods, supplements, and detox strategies nourish our fleshy-boned, synaptic selves. We already know the mind thrives on insight, story, and creative learning—how do we keep it in league with body and soul? To honor and nurture this wholeness is a discipline of sorts, a “path.” A quest unique to each individual—passing through badlands and fertile valleys–reaching heights your psychiatrist never told you were possible. I know that if I can make it Up from Down–with my background and challenges–I’m positive you can too.

It’s amazing–the inspiring and educational websites and blogs to be found on this topic. Not to mention the supportive listserves for what you seek to accomplish with your “mental” health, full of survivors now making choices in a holistic manner. I’ll provide links to my favorites, but invite you to let one search lead to another. Each step of the journey has this added benefit: in addition to what you find that works to heal body-mind-spirit, the act of taking control (overcoming the middleman—or inertia) adds momentum and sets an example for others.

My main goals for this blog are two. First, I have written a book with the working title of Lunacy Lost: Mother and Child on the Dark and Shining Road to Discover the Roots of Madness. I was moved to tell the story of how my daughter with autism’s journey through holistic treatments inspired my own, saved me from ill health and deep depression, and opened my eyes to the environmental root of our so-called “mental” health crisis. At this moment the agented proposal is still being considered by publishers. Please go to my website,, after June 1 to read the proposal or an excerpt. Some future blog posts will draw on the story contained in my book.

Secondly, there was much that didn’t fit in the text, much that comes to mind since its writing, and much in the news about Pharma and alternatives that sparks me to comment. Your input will make a rich brew here, and I look forward to it. My preference is to attempt meaningful commentary on the nutrient path rather than take on the task of becoming a comprehensive directory or resource. I like to write, and the fulfillment comes from sharing the piece. Hello world and here we go!

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